Wednesday, February 23, 2011

-- Its your smile which hides, that spark in the sullen nights --


And I knew…
Life doesn’t wait for you or for me
Nor time has that bold grit to hold for a while …
Still I stayed here looking for the road
That captures most vacuous images to pile
Why don’t we run and start it right here
The chandelier, candle, confetti and I
And warm embrace that bumps all malice in a Nile.
But irony of fate subsides all the miles
Driven between you and my heart stood senile
Weak, tender and sapless as I stood
To gaze what next is hidden in rabble defile …
And time stood for once and only for once...
Life played once that certain demise
When i was there to play in beguile
A dagger was drenched in a gentle menial.