Wednesday, February 16, 2011

--- In the midst of Everything ---

I finally had a very mystifying sleep. As I got up, I felt an eeriness surrounding me somehow. Nothing was changed:  On television there is still some politician bragging or condemning and demeaning the others. My siblings still at every sip of tea mortifying what they see and considered to be fake. My mother is still thinking about what to cook and here is my perfect family. Whenever I write about my family I am unable to speak about the loss I had few years back but hey I can’t forget my father, he is resting in peace. His role was over way back before when I was about to enter in to the world of continuous change.
May be this part of my life is supposed to be struggled by me and I hope I do that well. Coming back to my eeriness, yesterday when I was coming back home; I saw kids really enthusiastically making plans rummaging through the streets in a group. Later on my mother told me that one of them asked for money. I asked why; and they said ‘auntie whatever you can share do that we need to embellish Whole Street’.
It kind of left a smile on my face and I can vividly see through my memory lane; things and emotions that ever happened to me. Whole night warding my 14 august d├ęcor and if it rains, we are blessed because our god is happy with us. On every such occasion as today we will specially recite for our prophet as we all have heard whole universe do that... what amazement! Love without a price tag.
Today clouds are still thundering and thundering where my ears are in acceptance. Besides which I can sense something bad is traversing through these waves of thunder.
‘Love without a price tag’ is a gift that needs a feeling and feeling comes from heart where we feel selfless for someone. Such people are rare and need to be treasured. Recently I heard a similar story.Where people dream of cars, places and gold,she dreams of her childhood love and she was married to one. Both have nothing in hand but a much contended smile. Let’s believe in this side of story :)
It’s raining as I complete my eerie morning that starts at 3’ clock today. I still believe a smile waiver half of the tiring journey, a neat look with neat and positive thinking makes up a day for someone.
I hate to be all about an observer when you are in sulk and gloom, but still life haven’t treated you as bad as you may be thinking at this point and time . You haven’t lost everything because have faith best is still to wait for. Have faith that coming rain is going to shower away your seldom fears and apprehensions, and if it stays within your frequency range you are going to be very lucky.
Try to give half of your positivity; half will be shared by nature.

Never to forget someone listens more carefully when everyone moves in a wisp and you feel a complete misfit.

P.S. Try to give a priceless gift to someone today in any form, start with your prophet and recite something we have learn t by heart.
Take a very good care because you are special. 


  1. 12 Rabi ul Awal mubrook to you and your family :)

  2. I love this post Humaira, written straight from the heart (Y), could connect with every line! :)
    And in my opinion if one considers this fast paced world the best selfless gift anyone can give to someone is their time! :)

  3. same to you and your family sunshine=)

    basma : thankyew and time is all i have for you =D