Monday, March 28, 2011

'Our Downfall'

‘This is the moment of life. If you ask me, we can relive it millions of time but the void that has been created cannot be refilled that easily. Will you wait for time to fill it up or should we just sit by each other, watching over and over again into the eyes; to make up for the lost sight. Should we develop an understanding of our downfall and march towards the land of thirst and hunger to see if we are able to rebuild it, or let’s walk around the globe so that distance may round up to explicate theory of displacement.
And if even then, a thought never crossed our mind, we will spill a magic on our soul and place the empty skin in the museum to watch people making amazements about us. While free our spirits to study the principles of riots created by misunderstandings and emotional fluctuation.
We will be rhetorical; a thousand assumptions will be made about us. Nobody would care what devastating moment it was that created a real turmoil, our dates won’t ever match up with that of history, it is engraved somewhere within the spirit and spirit which is not here.

May be then, just maybe then we will understand the iota of living with each other and trusting each other with our lives. May be then we will spend rest of our lives with a regret to repent of the word we deteriorated and misused. May be then we will have wings to fly catch up with our broken self.

Imagine how hard it would be, to stand up by your side and never to be seen. Imagine how hard it would be to see you watching up the beautiful sight and not to feel.

I know you will suffer more than I will. I know you, and I know you that’s why I am upset about you. I know you that’s why I am sad. I will regret the moment of when I claimed to know you, when I made an effort to know you.

I don’t know what you will be feeling but you will feel as if you are half eaten by the trauma and rest half is ready to be eaten. So as usual betraying all the norms I will move towards you to tell you that I am okay! I will come back to you as rest of the world just evaporated into another land. I will come back to you to see if it is any more a peaceful place to be in ’
It won’t be too late it never is, but the void that has been created is a real downfall!!!

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