Thursday, July 7, 2011

In Search of Light ---

In the absence of light and rummaging through the curtains of darkness, there comes a thin white light whose direction is to be followed. Sometimes trust seem to be a shaky balloon which apparently is the most filled substance but inside it is as hollow as mind without a dream. As Faith without a pray. As love without a memory.  
In the absence of dim white light that shapes up the last hope, heart whispers -- run away; without any marked destination; just drive yourself away somewhere you are alone; where you can build a world free of illusions .
It seems like a man who went on a voyage and passing by are the random scenes of both happiness and frivolity but consistency is the last observation of human nature. Nothing is consistent; sometimes it’s the darkness which lays pleasure for your dreamy land. At times it’s the darkness that seeps all negative energies surrounding the environment and pours it all in your heart.
Suddenly you went through a village where peaceful stream is flowing, weather is sunny. The sparkle in water that equates to the beautiful stars twinkling, in the land of serenity and quietness -- is something to stay up for.

But the day had to take a ride and weather had to revolt to exhibit what we call nature. So it all happened sequentially with proper planning. In the far off land where strangers meet; there could be seen a light, dimmer it glows, as if you open your eyes to gaze upon it; it might disperse.
  A tangled condition where you want to see what happens inside that house but you can’t get a sight of it.
Suddenly you could see a fairly aged woman sitting beside that light. She had her hands tighten up somewhere in the brown with some random white streaks of her rough hair. You feel as if she is looking at you;  wants to tell you that don’t travel ahead because nothing is consistent and this beautiful arriving moon will be summed up by these moving clouds and eventually we broke our connection then again she wanted to tell me  how hopes build up the night and prayers moves the day . But I passed it unintentionally; I moved back to catch her lost sight. But whole scene was gone.
While I tried to comprehend all the happening of the day; I could feel a breather – fresh air. Something that can drive my night in search of that thin white light.

In the search of light i might wither
In moving ahead my step might deter

But hopes come with every blessed rain
And covers shines of mighty flame

And when it makes you feel lonesome
Light my friend will guide you home ....


  1. hmmm....beautiful as usuall....

  2. Humaira,

    You write very well using words to full advantage. In both posts the last paragraph summed up everything so well.

    Take care

  3. thanks very much all of you to appreciate the post. I hope you all are doing great.=)

    Take a very good care!