Sunday, July 31, 2011

a token of gratitude

Love is an undying affair my dear
It constitutes the world and plays with fears

Love brings the magic in an ocean of stars
And furnish the pearl shiny with spars…

Love is the aura of dreams and emotions
It melts down the anger and blossoms ultimate devotion

Love sometimes is tainted; sometimes is lost
Sometimes you are the sufferer; only time you gallop

Love never promises a thorn less path
Still you and I take every chance

Love is in everything sheer or blear
Love is an undying affair my dear!!!

Hello dear Readers!

I confess i am a passive blogger ; sometimes it feels odd calling myself a blogger or a writer. Nonetheless i have a token of gratitude due for you out there. I feel indebted to the least for your kinds comments , appreciations, criticisim and awards i got .

Well really sorry Mishi and ayushi i am not following the trend( taking advantage of being a passive and a lazy one ) for propagating the awards as is due . But My sojourn has come up with an award i.e. ( You are different Award =D) created by me in 1 min 25 secs on our very own Paint.

Here it is :

Rules for this award are nothing ( phew take a sigh ) . Give it to anyone any min ; any sec when you feel like doing it with one different quality you found in fellow bloggers or readers .

My list of winners are as follows :

1)  by Mehreen Asghar ; One of my dear friend : You are getting this award for being a verstaile and an extremely active blogger. She loves it and you can sence blogging to be her life line . I love her blog's outlooks and nevertheless she stands fit for my ' YOU ARE DIFFERENT ' Award.

2) by Ayushi : I found some similar qualities in her ; her love for clothes and she talks random. If i take myself an year back or two and if i was familiar with blogging ; i might have written stuff like her . Time where space is not enough for catharsis and you scacely get time for this =)

3) : I dont know where the blog has gone and where is the owner. He was the one who accompanied me the time i started off with this . He was one of my initial  follower and the last blog i studied their was about his father . I hope everything is fine with him and that a lot of good wishes =). He aptly described few emotions.

4) by iqra : Hmmm seems she is out of sight as well. Seems like i am missing the lot now while i think about them . Well iqra's comments were great motivation otherwise i could have dropped the idea of writing on cyberspace quite ago . :P . Anyways award is for iqra for writing itsy-bitsy of life ; making you smile with extremely well alligned photographs. Thanks iqra.

5) by mishi:  Her secret little diary is really interesting . She is flamboyant,active and an interesting blogger. She writes about societies issues that needs a check and balance also about latest political side hidden or tunred a blind eye by most of us . Good Work!!!

6) Jack : Well a very impressive blog. This is the blog that highlights our social problems and that it seems he has a lot of expereince and a good heart . His writing worth a read and are to be shared. This award goes to you for your expereince =)

7) by thinking : hmmm She has alot of hmmm's making her blog a place where i think about many things. She has a very different ideas listed in her blog. So her hmmm's make her win this award. Keep up the great work.

8) Maj World : Ouch !!! I have lost the link .I remember this blog somehow with the poetry i read therein . =)

9) Antonio Rodrigues by antonio :  He is from portugal and his blog is in portugese as well. Difficult to read but once i worked hard with google translator and found it interesting . He has a kind heart also he visted pakistan and shared our grievances during earth quake . So accept our token of appreciation Antonio.

10) by Ayesha Noor : She is a very capable writer and we need to push her to write more. You can find few classical writings in her blog.Keep Writing Ayesha because you are different. 

11) This award goes to all readers out there hidden , open , responsive, non responsive every one who visited my blog because after this whole exercise i found out that

'Every one is different and you can easily pick one quality from a person; and if you fail to do so then there is some serious problem going on with you'

Trust me on that=)

Take a very god care readers i enjoyed remebering my friends here. I hope i didnt miss any one but in case i did remeber i declared every human to be different. I hope to read more bloggers here also will try to drop my likings and about my self in pieces. for now white is my fav colour and indigo-purple is my crush, umm pink is just so like me  =) i would list down all colours if i went like this .

Thanks for your appreciation ladies and gentlemen while i go and catch a glass of water =)

Take a very good care =)

p.s. donot forget to read my next post ; its about preparation for the month of holy ramadan . A gift for all muslims out there while others are most welcome to read us . More you read makes you best relaiable person.


  1. You made my day!!!! :) :) :)
    Thank you so much for this cute award <3 <3 ur my little titli :P

  2. haha aww humaira..this is sweet of you...and this is only because of this token that em letting go of that trend condition;p

    thankz dear...and Ramadan Kareen:-)

    I will have it on my wall soon inshALLAH

  3. thank you humaira. dadcentral has been removed. i' m now at noir (

    keep writing humaira, i enjoy reading your thoughts.

  4. hmmm....thanks so nice of you dear....

    I wish I could return your gesture the same way....

    I am really feeling honored.

    Thanks again.

  5. wow i am so happy that you have awarded my friend Mehreen ....i am on cloud 9 already yey congos to mehreen,Iqrah and other recipients of this award

  6. Crappy day to a happy ending after reading this post :) Might be it took a minute or two to write this about me. But for me this is such an appreciation :) Thanks a lot and happy blogging. I won't mind if you can update my blog url to new one :P Xo Xo

  7. Humaira,

    Beautiful poem. I am so moved by your choosing me for this honour. Thanks from my heart.

    Take care

  8. All of you above you genuinely deserved it.

    thanks for being here.