Monday, July 18, 2011

Remember ~

Remember those days …

Where wishes were flowers never plucked from the garden
And smile was priceless as breaking sheer momentum

Remember that ceiling
Where we opened our arms and felt we are flying
And also few outrageous one always kept crying…

Remember that whisper
Where I came closer to you and blew off some secret
We giggled whole day and night was spent with no regret.

Remember that love
Where we cared each other like never forgotten
And love was as pure as some divine emotion.


Dreams are scattered like petals under feet
And smile means something that cannot be vividly seen
And flying is away only running seems behind …
And secrets is broken like a cruel famine
And love stays beyond my dubious mind…

( The inspiration behind writing this piece of random poetry at this time;  where my eyes seems to be dropping down is that i saw bunch of mischievous kids today ; while my gaze was pointed at them so they had some random whispers and giggles and astonishment.Believe me i could have extended it manifolds but i refrain )

                         BTW Remember when we were one of them =)


  1. very nice poetry and i must say very nice illustration.

  2. hamd: thanks boy =)

    thanks aimen . Do come again to read my ramblings ;)

    thanks very much zeeshan =)

  3. This is nicely written :) And true as well