Saturday, July 2, 2011

Secrets !!!

It was a desire and a wish that emaciated into a secret. Last hope to see what holds within the broken heart hoping on the last breath; what her eyes see with so much of attention and how glamour sparks within no time.
It all used to come naturally. Something that was never meant to be explained ,only be seen once in a life time and be praised in rest.
Naturally I started feeling tired, naturally weather was so thirsty that it took all my thirst leaving me vacuous and turned me gray. Winter was also very rough; most of the time spell was cast in solitude. With myself covered in almost cozy rag while my mind traversing places and most typical of all I used to hear was the comment ‘You look tired’, unknowingly what my state of mind is, I nodded! I do.  
So I shared little; heard little; just kept all those precious vintages secrets in my heart. Something that never withers only whoops! sometimes so hard as if secret was revealed; as if world got a sudden jolt. But most of the time it stays fervent or completely out of sight. So this exchange of time that I travel within ages I have gone through, drives my life with much jubilation.
 Imagine secret of lives spent in a believe that I kept them closer to heart ; that I chose to rush back in time and enjoyed in gardens and walked in streams when it was tempting. Imagine it suddenly came to me as a beautiful dream, a wide fence with new morning and high stream.
Secrets are the practices: an exercise to find insidious strength that stays within the soul when body goes away.
Secrets of life are long lasting as they have quote of faith and pigment of trust. Their color doesn’t fade away that easily but when it does, It leaves granular pieces of husk and smoke in air , something that never comes back,  as if ashes of fire when town was completely burnt and people made folk tales about the burnt hopes and fixtures!!!


  1. "Secrets are the practices: an exercise to find insidious strength that stays within the soul when body goes away."

    where did you learn to write like this girl?:-) its beautiful...they way you describe these delicate little strings attached with human heart...I wish I could write this way too...

    a very nice read...keep writing:)

  2. Ahhh Mishi <3 thankyou hehe =D.

    p.s. you have another splendid way of describing things. Your one up coming article instead a satire should be on type of aunties we usually meet on weddings :P

  3. hahaha okay..request noted down:-)

    do share your experience with me..just point out the pacific type of those Aunties that you want me to talk about:-)