Thursday, July 14, 2011

-- Last Word --

It was an instantaneous reaction of the smoke filled clouds moving and capturing glimpse of lightly glowing moon. So I had my eyes erected straight where they go. I feel dizzy I admit; and upper half of my head is convincingly forcing me not to see ahead but what’s hidden in it is mildly meaningful. An ordeal.

 Finding pieces of you in dearth is something I enjoyed doing most of the time. So from interdependence I became dependent completely or partially don’t matter. I see hope in you; find lost faces in yours. And the time we collide I lose your wholesome in air or in the rush where I push people here and there to find you. So today is the last attempt to remove my inhibition. To feel this hope spreading through my veins.

Equation is very simple you had a genuine and an intriguing way to tell what reality is but my dear if it was an ocean of stars flowing one way; I would have converted whole regime. Picked one by one everything coming on my way and reverted it all on the other way just because I wanted you to feel it variedly every time and develop more logics till you had uncovered all the mysteries. But what I learnt in those years is priceless. 

Today I feel weak and my hair turned gray and also I realized that all my fallacies weren’t true as well…
But the sense of loss is no more there. It is converted into fragment pieces; something I enjoyed the most in hour where sadness supersedes. And when I am able to smile again I wrap them up and put them in the most beautiful area of the house I call home. Time never did us a part nor any conspiracy; it’s a mild sensation to make my life a little more happening with all pain and pleasures I got in this whole battle we fought and proudly declare as life.

Imagine what it would be if there was nothing to look forward to; no emotional fluctuations, no distress... how I had realized those feelings that human heart ever go through.
It ultimately made me more humane and emphatically sane.

In the gush of wind i smile aloud; In the dusty dry land i wipe my tears ...

So my last word to you is that this life it wasn’t possible --- next life there is still a hope. 


  1. oh Humaira that was beautiful!! it left me all emotional and gloomy!

    great piece of writing;-)

  2. thanks very much Asma for stopping by =) I had a look at your blog. The intro and punch statements made me smile. Take care. Hope to read more of you.