Thursday, March 24, 2011

~ A B C of My Life ~

Dear very hard-to-plunge into,
Come to me at a desirable speed, slowly but steadily infuse into my body and soul and circulate through the veins. Appear as the most crumbled pieces of bread once spread, eaten up by the most starving being. Without the fear of losing anything, dauntless, very stern, looking into eyes so daring and then felicity gushing into wind making me so strong that I don’t bother the nescience created by the dust. Don’t let my eyes flap. Help me see it through you, by you, just YOU!
Dear inscrutable Companion,
Breathe in- breathe out … ahhh you are here. Stay here till my knees can run after you.

Stay here till I can feel the happiness sitting by the sea shore, stay here till I can stand at the top roof of my dreamers valley that I will secretly pronounce in the village side to have a view of the most lofty element of nature, the sun.
Stay here till I can make my kids count the starts and teach the prophecy behind them.

Stay here till I can sense the smell of freshly blossomed flower by closing eyes and losing myself into the rhythm to feel divinity behind.
Stay here till I can hear the chirping birds, waking me up every day by sitting on the edge of my window.
Stay here till I am narrated as a fallacy for moon. Of course with all odds and evens.
Life with your beautiful colors and your gruesome behavior you drive me on.
Not So Dear leave-us- alone,
You appear as the most excruciating pain a patient suffers. You are the passing noise that squeezes my heart and leaves me, when you are far away from the sight and a feeling it’s not me, it’s not mine.
You are a feeling that a person has, after hearing the word spoken casted a dagger, leaving a person as if man without the senses, wish without a pray, cry without a soul.
I so very want to crush you but you appear as the person who sat by the sea to view the intimacy of water and moon but you out of your jealousy hash the very desire, leaving him dumbstruck for quite some time.
Dear I secretly love you for being this word, for being here in the world.
Come to me so succinctly, so secretly that even the passing wind revolves around us to escort from the world. So beautifully as if acquiring the world out of life. So dramatically as if heart beat goes up and never goes down. So peacefully as if eyes are cover of hiding all the sorrows. So rigid as if oneness is the belief. So amorphous that learning it make us spend all life.


  1. me likes! :) though few more alphabets could have been added.

  2. Hello Humaira Anwar, love this posting. Its beautiful.
    All I can say is live your life with no excuses, love with no regrets.
    Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards.

  3. Thanks zeeshan! yes few more alphabets are pending.

  4. Hi uncle lee,

    Welcome to my blog.Thank you for liking it.
    Few days back i was wondering whose advice to buy, and this advice is something i have placed at the back of my mind =D

    and song yeah yeah ... **(humming)**

    thank you once again. Have a great day =)

    best wishes!!!!

  5. nice one, keep doing good work.