Saturday, March 12, 2011

-- Sometimes i hit hard, fell down and Smile --

Sometimes I am no one, sometimes I am the nucleus.
Sometimes I forget to take a sip of coffee,
Sometimes I drop it all on my way.
Sometimes you come running towards me, leaving all the baggage behind...
Sometimes I am ruined and my negligence is refined.
Sometimes I lost moisture, sometimes defined
I cry, I laugh, I drop, I live, I relive
I am a human.
Sometimes I am an angel, sometimes a sinner
Sometimes I am a sinner, igniting all the fuss behind
Sometimes I am fearless, sometimes acute
Sometimes I am the crudest material being put in your lap
Sometimes I am …
Sometimes I am aware, sometimes I am you
Sometimes I am drowning
Catch me if when I fall.


  1. subtly expressed..we all have our own unique yet similar personalities and we tend to switch them every now and then and the best part never realize what u're's only when you sit alone and look back do you realize what you were and what it has always been:)

  2. yes rightly said =)
    hope you are doing great:)