Tuesday, March 15, 2011

~ She is the Sunshine ~

Her pink rosy cheeks and flawless drowning skin, enchanting the world with the courageous eyes. She fells down and gets up with enormous power of love, bestowed upon her and as she looks at the future she is bemused.

She is magical and obliterate the insane acts.

Destination is the cultivation of past and every next moment she wants to fail this analogy; someone predicted for her life. She wants ease and peace with her self. She wants them to be at her side.  She dislikes giving up but she is giving up at every next trotted step taken. She has been sacrificing all her life. 

She is a treasure hunt, a treasure within and outbound of energies. That comes up with good and bad. Sad and happy, bitter and sweet but she forgives. She has learnt to forgive the withered. 

She churns out the best every day and spread it in the glory of that rosy garden of her life; she sits down by the flower, knits it every day with so much delicacy and attraction.

Every one gazing upon her wants to be the victim to suffer for ones but she smiles with the concentration of her bounty.

She is fragile and needs to be handled with care, she trembles of this brassy voice.  She understands and tries to find best answer within the terrain of emotional thrust. It comes up; she picks that, and then sank within to find the best. She comes up again and brings the best jewl of the world. She responds, she replicates, make peace with her.

She has a depth, don’t gush with her. She is behind your success. Make her feel special. She is the color of tomorrow, canvas of presence and camouflage of your goofs. 

Take her to the moon; forget the scars enjoy the light she has within the turbulence.
She is ethereal.

~dedicated to women out there!~

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  1. this post reminds me of my mom! thanks for this lovely write up :)