Sunday, March 20, 2011

< Entitled To No-One>

On this cool breezy night, I am yearning to flow within whirlpool that hasn’t got any aggression as yet---- that was where we met.

The luck, destiny whatever was put together to bring us here is a sheer sense of being with you. 

I was kind of ironic… you were abysmal on spot. I might have sound extremely careless, you every time wrapped up the clichés of being profound. 

This time breeze is still blowing but missing is the urge to dart you here. I want to be non subjective,
Indistinguishable and so malleable that even rust comes over as soon as I go in the hinge. 

I want to be hidden in bewilderment, want to be moving on a never intercepting path.

I want a cover, a permissible shelter.

I want to snatch myself from every eye, my name, my presence and everything that ever relates me should be made in conspicuous.

Just for a day I want to be invisible.

I want to rebuild every notion, alone I come-- solitary I go; is the feeling that makes me hollow.

And when I was flying that high I said something repeatedly, unveiling the enigma, a mind suffers.

I am in no wonders or word; I am in fields nor in grounds----nor in riches or in impounds.

I am a freed soul with such a baggage –help me finding an astute way.

Embed the sense of purity a child has, a love of mother, a history of a soldier, a world of wisdom, penetration seldom.

A desire unwritten---!!!


  1. Nice (Y) includes some very 'easy to relate with' thoughts!

  2. I second Basma, though I was hesitant to say so in the first place! thanks Basma for your comment :) and Humaira these "easy to relate with" thoughts have made this post interesting for me :)