Sunday, December 19, 2010

Beauty that Fades Away ...

It's 19th of december and i happened to recieve a call from one of my far far living uncle.
He is on the other side of the phone and i as usual after having long debate of why i love pakistan and why i want to stay here(ill keep this topic for my up comming post), passed on the call to my ammi(my mother) who is next in queue to let her ear drum struck a bit .

As usual i wasnt taking interest about the discussion nor i was interested to know who is doing what in family but one statement indefnitely took my interest .

My mother said, 'Sab kuch reh jata, khubsurati khatam hu jati hai '
Translation : Everything stays except Beauty .

And with a sigh! She looked at her hands, those hands who worked  24 hours for me and were the most secure place in the whole wide world. I so very wanted to run towards her and after giving a warm hug; wanted to tell her that her beauty is still alive and will never fade away.

As far as i can see of my mother in my past- is the women with long curly hair that I so very wanted to inherit and all my young years i used to believe that my straight hair will get a twist one day as quick as i am gonna grow up but it never happened .

She had beauitful hands and a good height with pleasing personality as you can expect a kashmiri woman to be and now when this statement haunts me that beauty fades away;  makes me realise about so many things .

Once my khala was looking for a girl, for some of her relative and her only requirenment was that the girl should be fair and beautiful endless.Today i was wondering if beauty is as important as character and good name is? If beauty actually comes from inside or is just about how you maintain yourself.

I know this is a long debate between beauty and brains and sometimes beauty and character but people who we love appear to be beautiful in every design and every pattern so much that when we look at them even in smog;  they are the most vibrant and burnished. They rule!.

And if finally you have to choose, which one would you pick ?


  1. A mother's hands are the most secure place on Earth. I like the whole idea of this post.

    Happy Blogging :)

  2. Liked the post, keep it up :)