Friday, December 31, 2010

'You' And 'I' in this beautiful world

Tring! Tring! Another morning, I hoop myself in blanket and move up a bit, rubbing my eyes and my firm and square developed habit of looking at time; my mobile, begging this god forsaken clock for few more minutes hoping that everything will halt for a moment to observe my short lived sleep and then promise! I will wake up active, up and running.     
On the other side is my niece asking for something and I feign by every meaning telling her that I can’t speak right now and messaging her supersonic .I am unwell and was looking for some sleep but nah!
This mobile addiction : I saw plenty of messages asking for forgiveness and my eyes popping out a bit more(I liked the idea if people can forgive us that way,take a stamp and keep it for the day of judgment), some are wishing me 2011 and few stanzas describing and declaring 2010  as something bright and propitious. With my nephews reminding on even a sunny day about a rainy day quoting ‘happy raining season’ which actually made me move a bit to see outside the window, if it was actually raining? but sun showed up; by keenly throwing some of the rays on my face and made me bent my eyes Ya! Ya! You have power, happy!? And sternly the curtains closed.So I sent him an angry smiley asking him where the rain is? And he promptly replying that 'yesterday it was!'
Believe it or not, these events make me somewhat excited as well, there is a big wooden clock on the huge wall and everybody, repeat it silently and you will realize the intensity; everybody is gazing at that clock, this image is knitted by my mind so don’t confuse it with the London’s city …
Minutes hand moves slowly and steadily ahead, silence surrounds and clock tickles, making us move closer, one by one people adding up the crowd: and …and the three hands meet at common juncture its 12 :00:00 , unknown yelling,shouting out loud, some are interfering voices, few breaking the rhythm, we somehow stepped into the new world together.
We have had our hands completely ringed and locked, hoping that we will see this new day together, secretly praying never to let go of this hand, closing this chapter of bickering, may be for some, eliminating distress, increasing the patience and tolerance for each other, this time no ripples come between you and me.Lets start loving each other again.
Hmmm! So much that I can’t carve out by words, as the last December rain that made me go numb and making me absolutely go maniac about it, I can’t get rid of those beautiful scenes and I don’t want to pollute them either, things that normally get old are sometimes get ridden off, as I would like to get rid of my old clothes and shoes but this! may be not …
This last night of 2010 we sat by the woods, fired up, smoking away all the glitches and happiness making us go high, we feel each other within the nibbles of wood, within the noise of fire.Your golden face glowing as if sun plies for a new twist .We both see at this beautiful amalgamation of noise and glowing charm where darkness surround, at least we have nothing else to pay heed to, just you and me and this center of attention, where the world lighting up in your afterglow.
We passed the night looking at it soothing down as the passion goes down after so much of glorification and exuberance, lets aggregate ourselves again, lets forgive the pain and forget the differences: as we saw the sun rising up together, as together we make so much better… let entwine our energies for once , let’s start living again.
My world of word would never come to an and and this page surely would, I wish you all a very happy and healthy year ahead =)
P.S. Kashmiri kids are really on a mild extremism side, my brother asked my little cousin to have a new year bash (while kidding) and he raised his eyebrow and declared to already have entered into his new year one month before. I agree with him but lets enjoy, for 'YOU' and  'I' make a beautiful world together. Not today! Just everyday!
*Allah bless us all*
Don't forget to change the date, I always miss it =S


  1. We have had our hands completely ringed and locked, hoping that we will see this new day together,...


    HAPPY NEW YEAR sweetheart :) and i wish and pray that your world of words may never come to end :) inshaAllah!!

    keep on posting!!

  2. oh wow... that was such a sweet write up... i love the last line!

    happy new year to you too sweety :) <3

  3. "and he raised his eyebrow and declared to already have entered into his new year one month before"
    i like this statement as its not extreme its hold lots of meaning and lessons for us ... how old that kid is ... ?

  4. thankyou madiha ,warmsunshine =)

    zunair he is 10 =)