Monday, December 20, 2010

'Hope' that calls out fortitude or it jitters ?

Few days back i unexpectedly switched on the television.Why i say unexpected because it scarcely happens

that i sit at my own and that too for long.

My entertainment on television is driven by my sister,click! click! click! and i gazing upon everything that

comes in between and sometimes my sister too.This time it was me and my eyes without even once


In few Minutes scenario changes. A girl standing in confession box type of thing and

the panel of judges looking fiercely towards their prey,then our very own and known inscrutable music.  

Hush!Silence!Finally spell breaks down,one of the judge after clearing her throat threw a question as if

another gauntlet thrown at the audience accumulating in that one person.

What 'Hope' for you is ?

(Before i quote an answer let me tell you it wasn't a soap or a drama,it was a de-bating competition and they are trying to find best eloquent speaker and this was an extempore)

So the girl in confession box looked again as if she hasn't heard a question because of the noisy silence around but she moved :
Ahem!Uummm! Few broken words. She tried again to recollect voices in her head.

'Hope for me is a Child with no clothes.. errr...He is in tattered clothes and he is still happily playing with the kids of her age around, this is a Hope for me' .

I found it really interesting and i took my mobile hastily and threw a message to one of my friend who i

knew will reply quick before i even press send button 'I HOPED'.

Answer i got was  'Hope for me is a belief that God Exists'.

I without even measuring the answer threw same question at me but instead of an answer

i had an image in mind which i could of course see vividly and when i tried to jot it down this was what i got,

The Outcome:

'Hope for me is a moment which i want to re-live hundred millions time more even though i am not sure when this breath would last'

Now let me give you images that instantly came in mind:

Hope is a patient lying on his bed and his caretakers right besides him and he can barely move but he Moves! He place his hand over hers to ensure everything is going to be alright and he drops ....

Hope is when i was trying to place my foot on the ground and for some odd reason my foot quivers and i fell from the top of mountain, moving up was my luck which is half percent chance,moving down was my destiny apparently and 'I' so very wanting to hold my hand at some support hoping that i Will get back to the ground again and then a  'hand' grabbed me firmly, moved me up i am bruised and wounded but i am safe.

And if you are asked any of such question: will you stop and follow the picture or will stammer and watch your words before you spill it ? 
I 'Hope' to see you Again =)


  1. wonderfully expressed, wonderful chain of thoughts strung together by use of powerful emotions...
    Well done Humaira :)

  2. We HOPE similar piece of wonderful writings from you ahead :)

  3. You make it all sound so good and indeed life is so beautiful! Lovely thoughts girl... Keep motivating!

    Happy Blogging :)

  4. nice thoughts :)

  5. Beautiful thoughts n awesome presentation :)...
    BTW for me hope is that nothing is impossible :)

  6. thanks a lot, thank you very much all of you for taking out time and giving it a read, i certainly got a positive boast from your comments =)

    keep reading =)

    i got very interesting definitions verbally and via writing feels like i can read and learn people now =)

  7. Awesome expression of words :) Liked it

  8. thanks alot iqra =) keep visiting thankyou =)