Friday, December 17, 2010

My Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

It feels immensely strange to move your enshrouded self from paper to electronic media but for me dear diary' you will remains the same.

From child hood i gave extraordinary importance to work on paper , e.g. my exams result once came out to be pathetic and i had to dig them down in soil and mud and guess what for i dont know how long i used to think about those paper like a secret treasure ---- it felt like i had a closed book, a valuable possession somewhere under the ground which any one can open again and therefore book will be re-read .
I believe as a child our faith is strong enough, sometimes we live our vision, some time we change it and yet at times we follow the theory 'survival of the fittest' all along the way till we grow up and dress our vision in our own way .

So comming back to my faith in child hood, i believed strongly that once things moved completely out of sight under ground i.e. i have salvaged them from all vicious eyes and now when i am grown up! i think nothing has changed in me .I still can move my secrets to paper and bore them underground and make them part of a history .

Writing here is like an open room of a steer meeting where highly profund and articulate people are trying to guage, think and make a judgement , curse ,laugh , smile , do whatever they like to.
 Some time pose and Sometimes upright ...

Till i befriend this medium; i hold all my fears and apprehensions to myself and step in blogsvilla to write all i can for how world and sprightliness reflected in my eyes !

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