Saturday, December 18, 2010

Visit To A Cancer Hospital

It takes your 15min or so to make it happen:

As we happened to see the war between love and pain, suddenly there were enumerable thoughts rummaging through the mind. The grim story of anguish, misery and helplessness.
Mother who stood by stoned; looking at her 22 year age girl with hopes in her eyes as we see her and infinite thoughts that we failed to calculate and therefore will fail to convey them to you .For us there are images in our mind at mercy of our photographic memory and that’s it .While we conversed there was no feeling of deprivation, there was a hope and silence in such a noise and serenity as we see her smiling even at flat refusal on survival of her daughter.
 There were kids who knew nothing, couldn’t measure the existence of a being even and were perforated with the drips and injections that crippled the touch we so very wanted to give them right away.
Later on we witnessed that one of the girl managed to move her hand towards her caretaker or father with her forehead frowning and her voice sulking a little more in pain.
And then a father who moved her kid swinging in a ray of hope all the way towards himself and he perhaps wished to have taken all her pain and can let it melt it into his chest.
As the picture we portrayed might look grim but to be fair and honest we all feel pure and refreshed over the weekend with this trip we made to Shaukat khanaume (Pakistan biggest Cancer Hospital).
Money does matter and alms should be given but to witness It for once strengthens the believe system that god exist and there are gods people who are suffering .We are blessed and so are they because their pain will be relieved with the special gift of god that’s unforeseen to us but it makes us adamant there is someone who is running this nature and its people, their pain and their happiness.
Apart from that all feelings and emotions that one undergo Shaukat khanaume is one well established hospital  with the very sympathetic  staff and a congenial atmosphere .We  felt as if we know everyone and have met them before many  times. Adding cherry on the top; the most beautiful thing is that not a single person knows who is getting examined on his own money or on charity. May god bless all patients at Shaukat Khanuame .We Pray that they survive and survive so well to become artist, debaters ,run business as we saw them actively engrossed in their passion .With the little gifts and toys we saw them jumping expressing , smiling that alone made our day  .
If god give us power and heart to swallow and mind to witness: do pay them visit and don’t forget to share your 15 minutes or so ….


  1. nice thoughts humaira...

    wish we all could take out just 15 minutes... i had this realization when recently i had to take my brother to the hospital...

  2. thanks sunshine for giving it a read =)

  3. very touching article.. that's true we must spare 15 mins at least every now and then, to visit hospitals .. when we can. It just makes you realize how blessed you are, and importantly, how much in need other people are, of what you already have. And that encourages you to share.

    nice piece.