Monday, December 27, 2010

Lets Whisper Aloud


                                            lets whisper aloud in the silence, among the crew of stars

After all the rush of the day when hurricane come to soothe for a moment. I lay down, relax and I think of the days, with a sudden jolt by a memory, dwindling through me, remembering the very point where I knew I was gone or the mo that took me somewhere high and I felt the world in my hand and life within me running fast through spine, when adrenalin rushed and I couldn’t expect any more. I look up over the huge twinkling sky, with the patches of cloud covering the beautiful ply and the silhouette that goes from here to there. I control the curve of my lip, look above again, thank you for saving me when I knew that moment was me and all the world and the very next just you and I stood nowhere .I smile with my facial expression not in my control, looking for your benevolence and feeling you somewhere really close to heart .