Friday, December 24, 2010

A Butterfly Post

If only time gave me another chance to see: to stand here on the ground, blacked out, knucklehead, shunning all the senses which ever made any sense to me, quiet and oblivious to the fact it’s a dream. I stood by my dream wanting to delve more, drenched away more. Trying to reach out the sky that looked far far away: we ran together in the mist of the day, trying to catch that butterfly flying high and away and touching the flowers as we surpass them, adding laughter to their beauty and days to our history ------- I once again re-lived it but the time I made posture exactly like yours and with the victory when I wanted to cry out loud, it was over. It was over with not a petty sign of distress and the same comfort we always walked with but my mania to compete you still subsists and I will hope everyday to intervene my imagination and outsmart you this time more swiftly.

A part of us which is driven by family, siblings or friends. Were you the one who looked up to someone or you made others to walk like you?
'I want to be around people who are fizzing and bubbling and never say a common place thing and they are like fireworks they are bursting in the sky and making everybody go aaaaaaa'.   (UnKnown).

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